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SciDev has designed a range of proprietary polymers to meet any solid-liquid separation challenge

Chemistry tailormade to solve the specific requirements of our customers

SciDev develops bespoke chemistry to meet the requirements of our customers.  Our innovative technical capabilities, unique manufacturing operations and unparalleled support enable us to deliver real value and low operating costs for our customers.

Through our partnerships, we can turn research into customised solutions faster than our competitors can. Our capabilities have recently been strengthened through our Joint Venture partnership with China-based Nuoer Group, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of water-soluble polymers. 

Many chemistries rely on clean water to function effectively, we design chemistry that can be used in the most extreme process waters allowing for reduced freshwater requirements and improved performance across several applications including: 

  • Thickening
  • Filtration
  • Centrifuging
  • Friction reduction
  • Shale inhibition
  • Rheology control
  • Carrier fluids

Our MaxiFlox® Chemical range is specifically designed for use in solid liquid separation processes.  The technology can be utilised across a range of industries including minerals processing, water & waste water, construction and  oil and gas.

Our Slik® FR products provide superior friction reduction, even when using with saltwater or high brines. The new product line has been engineered to help reduce costs while providing superior results. These Slik® FR products are based on fast-hydrating, highly-active AMPS co-polymer and are available in dry and liquid blended slurries for additional functionality.


Our production facilities in Australia and via partners in the United States and China, deliver our customers access to a world-class global supply chain

SciDev manufactures a range of bespoke chemical solutions to meet the requirements of our customers. Our internal manufacturing capacity is complemented by the ability to source product from our strategic PRC JV partner the Nuoer Group.

Nuoer Group

The Nuoer Group is the world’s second largest producer of water-soluble polymers with a manufacturing capacity exceeding 300kt per annum. Nuoer has a world class facility in Donying, China which operates under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental systems. SciDev has the ability to utilise Nuoer’s manufacturing capacity and supply chain to deliver products into our customers across the globe. The Nuoer relationship provides the ability to offer a competitive chemistry supply chain to complement our professional services solutions - a key advantage for the company.

Australian Manufacturing

Our facility, located in Kings Park, New South Wales provides a local manufacturing hub for our Australian customers. We can also use our Australian manufacturing capacity to provide chemical supply to a range of customers across Oceania and the Americas. The Australian operations are currently undergoing several capacity upgrades as well as improving our application testing laboratory, enhancing our ability to develop bespoke solutions for our customers.

North American Manufacturing

In addition to our supply chains via Nuoer and Australian supply, through our network of toll manufacturing partners in Texas and Oklahoma, SciDev are able to deliver locally manufactured materials direct to the wellhead and mine site.

MaxiFlox® is our range of chemistry products specifically designed for the treatment of wastewater across a range of sectors such as mining, oil & gas, industrial wastewater and construction & infrastructure

Why MaxiFlox® is better

Our unique combination of proprietary research and specialised manufacturing enables us to deliver site-specific products in relatively short times.

MaxiFlox® products are supplied in both liquid and powder form across an extensive range of molecular weights and charge densities to practically solve any industrial challenge. Products include:

  • MaxiFlox® organic liquid coagulants (based on synthetic organic monomers & naturally occurring polysaccharides)
  • MaxiFlox® inorganic liquid coagulant blends
  • MaxiFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant emulsions
  • MaxiFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant powders
  • MaxiFlox® mud solidification polymers
  • MaxiFlox® antifoam products

We bring a significant depth of technical knowledge of underlying chemistry and wastewater treatment processes. This has been gained through our extensive in-house R&D of monomers and unique proprietary polymerisation technologies, as well as through our technical representatives’ extensive experience in the field solving wastewater treatment problems.