Maxiflox for Treating Wastewater


MaxiFlox® coagulants and flocculants have been developed by chemists at Science Developments to provide powerful and cost-effective agents for treating wastewater from industrial operations.  These organic chemicals enable high quality effluents to be achieved while producing far less sludge volume than with conventional treatment chemicals.

MaxiFlox® products are supplied in both powder and liquid form across a range of molecular weights and charge densities to solve practically any mining or industrial challenge.

All of our polymers are based on synthetic organic monomers, and are completely free of dangerous chemicals. Several of these polymers also incorporate naturally-occurring polysaccharides.

Our technical staff work closely with customers to achieve their particular wastewater treatment objectives including:

  • compliance with discharge regulations
  • reduction in water usage
  • removal of specific pollutants
  • optimisation of sludge dewatering

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